2 Chronicles 15:7

"As for you, be strong and courageous, for your work will be rewarded." NLT

Oh! Praise God for this scripture! We all know that labor is going to be work! It is going to be a strength test and it is going to be painful! This is normal and healthy! Sometimes we become so focused on getting through our labors that we forget that there is a reward at the end of this tunnel. You are having a baby! :) Congratulations!!! Your beautiful baby, who will smell so sweet, smile at you so adoringly, need you so desperately, and love you with every wonderful cell in his/her little body is one of the most amazing gifts our creator can bestow upon us! The Lord loves and trusts you so much he is blessing you with one of His very own masterpieces to care for! Do not take this lightly! As with all trials the Lord guides us through for our own growth, your labor and delivery will be a mountain to climb! Be strong minded and courageous with your faith that the Lord will see you through this event and your reward will be well worth it!

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