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On this page you can find our current Bible Study, links to past Bible Studies and plans for the future! 

Right now we have just finished with out Bible Study of Christ Centered Childbirth by Kelly J Townsend! How Exciting! We did not get to complete it in it's entirety... hopefully we will be able to revisit the book together someday!


Is there a book you would like to study together? One you just simply could not put down during your last pregnancy that you feel others would benefit from knowing about! Please share with us so we can study together! 

How to participate in Bible Studies!!

  1. Decide to join us and get the book! You can buy it, borrow it from someone, or check your local library.
  2. Add your name to the prayer list!! You will be able to find a link to the filled in prayer list at the bottom of every Bible Study blog post. 
  3. Read the assigned chapters each week and study them with your Bible. Pray with God and allow Him to enter your worship space as He speaks to your heart through studies. 
  4. Each week that our current Bible Study is running get on the blog and post a comment answering the Bible Study questions that are posted. They should also be in the book we are studying! 
  5. Enjoy a time of fellowship and learning together! This is a space of freedom and so feel free to ask questions as you need to and chat with one another! 

Once the Bible Study has started you can find links to the weeks here:

Past Bible Studies HERE!

Introduction of Walking through "Christ Centered Childbirth" by Kelly Townsend: A Study
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