Hi there, and welcome to my blog. My name is Shanon Pruden and I am a certified birth doula. I love to use my training and faith to help bridge the gap between Jesus and childbirth. Somewhere along the way we have, as birthing women, allowed the world to sift much of what Christ has for us out of our pregnancies. (maybe even unbeknownst to us!)

There exists... a lot of sources for childbirth education. While some are very meaningful and great to use... others are not so much. With anything in life, lies and corruption have the ability to sweep us into a place of darkness. Childbirth can become one of those places... But let us use our faith and knowledge of our God to squash these lies before they take anything away from us that we have been promised! Discernment is key. Anything you learn must be taken to prayer to know if it is of God or not. Only He knows the birth plan that is correct for you.

Between God, Jesus, and the power of the Holy Spirit we can find the light! The peace, the joy! We can weed out all those innermost fears surrounding our childbirth experiences. I hope that through this blog you discover something grand... that God DOES have a lot to say in His Word about childbirth... you may not find your birth plan spelled out in there. But you may find some guidance and a window into a place filled with grace crafted just for you and your baby(ies). In the Bible and through prayer you will find answers.

I pray that as you read this blog... you would be filled with confidence and purpose. I encourage you to communicate with me if there is anything I can help you with. Also suggestions and constructive criticism are always welcome. 

Following Christ means being a part of a community of believers who love and serve one another. I hope to serve you as best I can through this blog. 

Side note- The Bible verses and the texts I site from have only to do with my personal study. Which Bible I am reading at the moment (we have several versions in my home) and what the Lord is speaking to me. I post at His will... if you have any questions about why I used a certain translation or if you would like to me re-post in another and compare please feel free to e-mail me! I would love to! 
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