Blog Shift! :D

It has come to my realization that this blog's main focus needs some updating...

Please stick around for the changes. I know I have not been blogging very much lately and that is one of the drawbacks to be a very busy wife, mom, and soon-to-be full time student in the middle of a family transition out of the military. :) It is a crazy road and praise the Lord, is should be over soon! :D

I want to re-evaluate the mission behind this blog and add resources for families experiencing sensitive birth situations. While it is important to keep the basic structure of the blog: Seeking God in Pregnancy, I want to add some special places for families to go under various circumstances.

Pregnancy loss will be something added here. Scriptures and uplifting words.

Birth Trauma will be another area of interest for this blog.

Families in adoptive situations will eventually be able to come here and find Scriptures and community.

Please lift this transition up in prayer with me! :D

These new things should all be in place by spring time next year and ready to go!


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