Lamentations 3:44

"Though he brings grief, he will show compassion, so great is his unfailing love." TNIV

I find God showing me scripture like this so much, while I am presenting His Word in relation to childbirth and I believe the reason is this: God wants you to approach your pregnancy and birth with the faith and security of knowing that he has you in his hands. He loves you! Being pregnant is tough... you will go through waves of different emotions throughout your pregnancy and childbirth. The hormone structure your body needs to go through is important for you to properly grow and birth a miracle. It will make you irrational and you will feel grief or despair for no reason at all sometimes simply because of your body's chemistry on any given day. But the Lord knows this... he created this process and he will carry you through it if you will claim it! Memorize this scripture and pray with it for the faith to believe it with all your heart! For He will also show you compassion and He will not leave you to deal with the mess your emotions may make. And at the end of your toils... He will bless you with a present that He has created just for you! 

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