Psalms 94:19

"When doubts filled my mind, your comfort gave me renewed hope and cheer." NIV

I have literally seen this happen in birth! I have seen women get to that point in their labors where they just give up on themselves... this happens a lot in the "transition" phase of labor. You are so tired, have been working so hard, and are in a lot of pain. It can be hard to focus on the reality that you are almost done at this point! I think it's important that when you are gathering your things in preparation for your childbirth (whether you are packing a bag or nesting at home) you need to include some scripture for transition! It will help you rely on the Lord to get you through this last phase before pushing! Let him be your strength!!

It can be so easy as humans to give up... resist that with the Word and your faith in Christ that he can restore your peace!

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