Proverbs 3:6

"Seek his path in all you do, and he will show you which path to take." NTL

This scripture is pretty self explanatory. ;) When you think about your pregnancy and birth... often so many negative thoughts can enter your mind and cause you to stumble on the path the Lord has for your childbirth experience. "I am not strong enough..." "What if I am not a good mother...?" "I am scared..."

God does not want you to think or feel these things! The main reason He does not want you to think this way is because when you do, you are allowing the enemy to have control over your decisions... You may be scared of pain and so you choose to have medication without weighing the risks. You may be so worried about being a good mother that you loose focus on the present time of pregnancy! If you loose your focus... you may end up writing off important decisions like educating yourself or making sure you have the support you need to birth healthily. You may even loose focus on the Lord and His plan for your pregnancy and childbirth! "What is His plan?" you ask... Make a daily habit of praying and lifting your baby up to the Lord and he will begin to speak to you... Seek His guidance above all other information and He will show you, and guide you, on the best plan for your childbirth!

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