Exodus 14:14

"The LORD will fight for you while you keep silent.” NASB

The Lord was speaking to me in service this morning and I want to share this with you. Most of what I am going to type is what I absorbed from my wonderful Pastor. I felt the Lord speaking to me through his words for you.

This verse is special because it is found in the Bible during the deliverance of God's people from Egypt. Take a moment and read Exodus 14 if you have the time. You will see that this verse is Moses' response to God's people when they became upset and afraid for their lives. 

God's people we in between "The Devil and the Blue Sea." The devil being the Egyptians and the "blue sea" being the Red Sea. They were stuck and scared. For a moment they decided to blame Moses and question God's protection and plan for them. 
To me, this sounds a lot like the transition phase of stage one in labor... When a women feels most like giving up in labor and when she may look at the "man who did this to her" and pass blame. (LOL) 
Then Moses did something crazy looking. When God told him to wave his staff over the water he did it. Even though it may have been a weird abnormal thing to do in a situation like this he did it anyway because God told him to. He released the responsibility of God's people to the Lord and did exactly what God wants us all to do in tough stressful times. Do not feel silly for getting on your knees in prayer or worship during this hardship of labor. Just because the rest of the world doesn't do it does not mean it is not the right thing do or that YOU won't benefit from it!! 
"Your will not mine, Lord."
We can use this verse in childbirth, pregnancy and labor, to remind ourselves that God will work. We don't need to complain to him or to others around us about our trial or feel despair over our situation. Sure we might feel stressed out and a physically distraught! But instead of freaking out about it we can open up prayerful communication with the Lord about our situation and trust that His instruction and protection will come. That he will fight for us and CAN save us... 

This idea of not complaining can be found elsewhere in the Bible as well! We are instructed to "Do all things without grumbling or disputing" in Philippians 2:14 NASB

If we can be like Moses instead of the Israelites during labor we can give God the opportunity to fight FOR us as he has promised. 

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