Walking Through "Christ Centered Childbirth": Seek Ye First!

Assigned Scripture: John 6:25-34

Blog Highlight: "But don’t be so concerned about perishable things like food. Spend your energy seeking the eternal life that the Son of Man can give you. For God the Father has given me the seal of his approval.” John 6:27

My favorite thing Kelly J Townsend says in this week's study on page 241 of Christ Centered Childbirth is when she reminds us of the popular saying, "A Bible that is falling apart is usually read by someone who isn't!" What do you think of that?

Pregnancy and childbirth, just like any situation in life, warrant much use of the Bible. There are a million and one books out there that teach you about childbirth but only a few that teach you about childbirth in correlation with the Bible. Like the one we are studying... God has called childbirth educators and affiliates all over to bring His Word to attention along with the scientific research and statistics of childbirth. Wouldn't it serve you better to read these resources instead of the other ones that lack connection with the One who made you, made your growing baby, and provided you with the opportunity to be blessed with parenthood?

Seeking Him first is a better education for you. There are even Christ centered childbirth education classes out there for you to take instead of the one your hospital or local branded educators provide. www.BirthingNaturally.net is a great place to start to find local educators. If you would like help in finding one... you can also contact me and I will surly help you! 

It is important that the understanding of childbirth and pregnancy come from a place of fellowship with God. 

If we as Christian women would walk with God and learn with Him throughout our pregnancies and births we would find that the education we receive would help secure our faith in ourselves and our ability to birth our babies. This sets the tone for a better birth experience and certainly better birth outcomes! 

Discussion Questions from the Book:
  1. In what ways are you spending time with the Lord?
  2. Has the Lord made Himself known to you recently?
  3. In what ways can we live out John 6:25-34 during pregnancy?
  4. Do you have an intimate need right now?
  5. Has God used you to help someone else? If so, how?
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