*MY* Favorite Christian Song and Why it's Good for Childbirth!

I absolutely love... "It is Well with My Soul" right now. It is all I can think of and sing throughout my day. It depicts my relationship with Christ and how I need him in my life... also what I am thankful for.

If you notice on the bottom of this blog the words are written... There is a book we are focused on right now on this blog called, "Christ Centered Childbirth" and the author of this book, Kelly J Townsend has in the back of her text a request to worship this song together. It is beautiful to me... and what brought me into loving this song so much.

I watch the show on TV called Parenthood. I feel like there are some really good Christian themes in this show and also an overall understanding of a variety of family issues today.

Last night's episode featured a version of this beautiful song. An acoustic verson. And I finally tracked it down! I would like to share it with you!

This song can be used throughout pregnancy to calm and sooth... and just connect with God! It can be used in labor for the same thing... It truly is so beautiful! I hope you will listen to it! :)

The hymn is an oldie but awesome goodie!

What is your favorite Christian song? Have you or could you use it in labor?

This topic was given to my by the great community my blog belongs to... Faithful Bloggers! Would you like to join up with us? I'm sure we would be blessed to have you! 

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