Walking Through "Christ Centered Childbirth": Be Still

Assigned Scripture: Psalm 46

Blog Highlight: "God is our refuge and strength, an ever-present help in trouble." Psalm 46:1

There are no discussion questions with this week's Bible Study. If you have a copy of Christ Centered Childbirth... please read this very important message. Also Psalm 46 as she instructs.

If you do not have a copy, that is OK! Read Psalm 46. I will detail a little what she asks of us in this week's study together. She asks us to be quiet before the Lord. To allow Him entrance into what we are doing right now... reading this blog post, reading our Bible's, and communing with each other. To be open with each other if we feel led and to listen.

  • Is there an issue in your pregnancy or life right now that keeps popping up and you would like some answers? Let us in, in prayer with you, and we can come in agreement against whatever is troubling you. We can also stand in prayer together for you to be blessed with wisdom. 
  • If you feel led, after you have had a chance to sit quietly before the Lord, please share anything He is asking you to. Don't be shy, don't feel like it's not important!! Everything we are going through together in this Bible Study, for those of you who are still with me, is important. 

I would like to lift you all in prayer. Will you say this aloud? Pray this prayer with me over yourself and over each other. This is what I am feeling led to do. 

"Lord, in your Mighty Name, I want to lift up every pregnant family being touched by this book and this Bible Study. By this blog... and every family who will ever be touched by it. For the babies that will be blessed when their parents submit to your will. For the parenting that will be blessed. For the lives that may be changed. 

Lord I ask for health and salvation. For peace and understanding. For the unborn to be born in a place of safety. For their health to outshine and for your Hand to be seen in their births. For mothers to cry to you and ask in honesty for your help and strength. They know you are here with them, I pray they would embrace you. 

We thank you for these babies oh God, and we call our pregnancies blessings! We are proud to be involved in your creation process and we hope to be good stewards of your gifts! Bless us together. In Jesus precious name, Amen." 

Thank you for praying with me! 

Please remember to worship before or after this post with the song found at the bottom of the blog! :)


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