Walking Through "Christ Centered Childbirth": Search Our Heart

Assigned Scripture: Psalm 139

Blog Highlight: "For you created my inmost being; you knit me in my mother's womb." Psalm 139-13 TNIV

If you have a copy of the book Christ Centered Childbirth than you know that the entry for this week's Bible study is short but the reflection is where you time will be spent.

After you have read Psalm 139 there is a worksheet that she has asked us to complete. I have found this worksheet so in tune with the application of Love that Jesus calls us to during pregnancy and birth that I am going to make a page for it, credit her, and link to it at the bottom of this blog so that you can always have easy access to it should you need to complete it again at any point during any of your pregnancies.

Our pregnancies are an expression of love for another and our love for God. We sacrifice our own bodies and sometime own own physical health for the wellbeing and creation of another human. One that we will inherit to raise and guide in the Lord. We are given this gift because we are capable of it. Never forget that. Never let the strife of your pregnancy or your situation mean anything more that the power that has been placed inside you by God. Allow Him entrance into your heart during this time in your life... in every part of your lives. :)

Please remember to worship before or after this post with the song found at the bottom of the blog! :) 

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