Matthew 6:27

"Can all your worries add a single moment to your life?" NLT

I want to ask you flat out right now... what are you scared of? What is is about birth that worries you...troubles you... makes you nervous or anxious? 
Now I have another question. What is the point of being so worried? Does it get you any answers?

I am NOT trying to beat you up here or tell you that it's not ok to be scared... the feeling is natural of the unknown. But what I want to say to you right now is that if your fears about your birth are so overwhelming that you are constantly in a state of stress and worry over these things then you need to get in prayer about that. Let the Lord come in a relieve you from that!! I can remember countless hours of thoughts running through my mind as a pregnant woman. Questions about my babies health, questions about how my birth would play out, and sometimes nightmares!  Oh how I wish I had called the Lord in more to my pregnancy journey because He would have soothed those fears away for me and I may have gotten more sleep! He will do that for you!! He can ease your stress with the peace He brings. You can know that you are safe in his arms and rest your mind in Him. He has the answers and He will show them too you if you just let Him have the control! :) 

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