Proverbs 12:24

"Work hard and become a leader; be lazy and become a slave." NLT

Let me say this to you... Ladies, you have to educate yourselves on your birth choice options. If you do not, you will become like a "slave" to the process instead of a victor of the miracle! Becoming a slave to your healthcare team would be a safe thing if we knew 100% that we could trust them with our lives and our safety as well as the safety of our babies. The truth is, we can't. We may want to! But if you look at the current US statistics... you will clearly see that our country is headed for disaster.

There is only one way to KNOW for sure that when you are faced with a decision about your birth that you will make the right one... and that is to be a good steward of your pregnancy and seek the Lord with your childbirth education. You can take a childbirth ed class, and while you do, be in prayer and invite the Lord in to speak to your heart as you learn! If you invite Him into your education, you will surly hear Him speak to you about your birth... this hard work will save you from becoming a birth slave of the world. 


Susana said...

oooh! awesome post! I love it! Great scripture!

Susana said...

Also, your writing is simple and direct. I appreciate your style and desire such skills for myself. Keep up the great work!

Shanon Pruden said...

Thank you Susana!

Joy@WhenDoesDaddyComeHome said...

Amen to that! Unfortunately I was "lazy" my first two births. I didn't have Internet for one so I didn't have many resources. The only book I knew about was What to Expect When You're Expecting (which is a book I personally detest). I refused to read the bits on birth because I told myself, "When I get to the hospital they'll take care of me and tell me what to do!"

And they did. They told me to lie down, lay still and do not disturb my IV, monitors, BP cuff, etc., etc. Which made the pain intolerable so I got the epidural. The doctor broke my water without permission. The doctor also pulled my placenta out manually with a nurse pushing down on my stomach.

It may have been a vaginal birth but it was rape and traumatizing.

Oh how I wish so many more mothers got it right the FIRST time and took the time to educate themselves from the START! Having traumatic birth experiences shouldn't open our eyes to other possibilities; we should have them readily available.

Okay I'm way more long-winded than you as commenter pointed out how sweet and simple your words are. I just get way passionate about this!

Shanon Pruden said...

Thank you for sharing and wordy is ok! I am just short and sweet in my posting because I HOPE that people will elaborate in the comments! ;)

I am very passionate about birth as well... I have a similar story as you... I was very young and very naive in my first birth and I trusted my docs... big mistake for us.

What you have described is indeed, IMO "birth rape" and I am so very sorry that it happened to you. I am horrified at how they manually extracted your placenta... :(

I am wondering... would you like to join me in prayer on a new FB page I made?

Stories like yours are why I started this page... we need to call God's attention to what is happening to us... We are not safe anymore and it has to stop! We, as a society, have pushed the Lord out of the birth process and this is the result... hurt families, hurt mothers, and worse...

Again, thank you for sharing. Please pray with me that mothers to be would open their eyes to the importance of childbirth education and readiness... We have been unaware for too long.

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