Psalm 37:23

"The LORD directs the steps of the godly. He delights in every detail of their lives." NLT

I'll admit that I am guilty of not calling the Lord into my births. (at all with my first and not as much as a should have with my second) He and I have talked about it a lot through prayer and I have moved past it. But I often wonder to myself what things would have been like if I had let Him in. Would I have been so lonely during birth? I was terribly lonely during both of my births and the circumstances were completely different. Would He have directed my education to better suit His will for my births? Would they have been glorifying in His name and would other's have bared witness to His Might in the room with me? 

As a doula, I have seen His Power in birth. I have seen prayer change circumstances... I have seen prayer change attitudes of hospital staff and I have seen a  new life be saved. And I have seen a mother, scared out of her mind, scream His name and be blessed. What would my births have been like if I had been committed to delivering my babies in His arms?

I want to encourage you today that my birth stories are testimony for me, they do not make me feel guilty and are used everyday for teaching. Neither should you feel guilty for your own past experiences. But let this next birth be the one that allows you to give full glory to the God Almighty. Who Was and Is and Is to come. Because He absolutely cares about every detail of your life, your pregnancy and your labor. He cares about your feelings and your safety. He cares about your welfare and your baby's. Call Him in and experience the direction only He can give you in birth.

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