Psalms 73:28

"But as for me, it is good to be near God. I have made the Sovereign Lord my refuge; I will tell of all your deeds." NIV

Sometimes in birth (and in life) we find ourselves set aside from the "norm" of society. We may find ourselves in the midst of a traumatic birth situation and feel scared, powerless, unsure, and overwhelmed. We may feel sad that our birth has gone awry and want an explanation! We may feel jealous of the stories we hear of perfect birth happening everywhere... Why is this happening to me?

I feel led to say here that the Lord knows all. And His plan for you has a purpose. His plan for your birth HAS A PURPOSE. Never ever be fooled by the enemy and let him have control of a situation when it is frightening to you. Ladies, in the midst of trauma you can seek refuge in the Lord. Depending upon many things, it may be the last thing you naturally feel like doing... acceptance. But I want to tell you that it is GOOD to be near the Lord. It is good to call Him in for guidance, wisdom, and resources... It is so good to call Him in for peace. And when things have settled and your trial is over... staying in the shelter of the Lord will give him the ability to provide your heart and mind wisdom of events that have taken place. If you can walk with the Lord away from a traumatic birth and tell your story of peace in the midst to someone else... you have just given them the best gift you could ever give them and that is a testimony of hope.

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