Mark 3:25

"If a house is divided against itself, it cannot stand." TNIV

Today I want to talk a little bit about birth support. You must have a good team around you for your birth to be enjoyable and if you have a good atmosphere of supporters with you your labor will be easier for you. 

You can't dictate the faith of hospital workers or birth center staff if you are choosing to birth somewhere other than home but you can dictate the respect of your birth space and the energy that flows through it. You have the ability to call in the Holy Spirit to unite those around you in your labor in His name for your sake. If you are planning to hire a midwife or doula, you can hire a Christian one. This will help tremendously. As a Christian doula myself, I strive to stay in a state of worship and prayer during birth opening my connection with Christ. I ask Him to lead me and guide my hands. I ask Him to guide me in how I can best support laboring mothers. If you have a doula like that with you, you are sure to have an easier time maintaining a faith based space. 

This Scripture says that if your house is divided it will fall. To relate this to childbirth one could say that if you are not approaching your labor on a united faith front with those you have chosen to be with you, you may face a divided birth space. If your birth space is divided you will have a much harder time coping and laboring than you would if your space was united in faith over your birth. If you are planning on not having an epidural but someone on your team feels you should for whatever reason... this is not a united front. You need to make sure all of those who are with you are on your same page about all things in support for you. 

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