Introduction of Walking through "Christ Centered Childbirth" by Kelly Townsend: A Study

I am so excited to start this Bible study with you tomorrow.

If you have never read Christ Centered Childbirth, that is ok! This Bible study is easy to follow and I will post the correlating Scripture followed by the questions in the book!

If you have the book... you can follow along with us at the back of the book starting on page #238. This is where her weekly Bible study instructions start.

Feel free to jump is ANYTIME!!

What we will need to do:

  1. Worship time together
  2. Fellowship with each other
  3. Scripture study together
These three things will help us grow together with the Lord! 

How can we worship together? In the back of Kelly Townsend's book she has included the words to a song prefaced by her requests on what to do with it. Before every post or sometime during your reading please sing this song aloud in prayer for God'd hand in childbirth. You can find the words to this song, if you do not have the book at the very bottom of this blog! The song is called, It is Well by the Passion Worship Band! :) 

I will be praying for this study as we do it and for each of you! Please pray for it also... that mamas and couples would join us! That we would learn, discover, and grow together! 

I am trusting God to flood the internet with Christian childbirth material and hopefully this will help! 

"See" you tomorrow for our first study together!! The content will be blog posted every Sunday and you may comment and fellowship in the comments as you are led! Please don't feel obligated to either... I will also be praying for the silent readers throughout and as long as this content is on the internet! 

Add your name to the prayer list

Blog Posts for This Study!

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